Philippines Secrets Dive Safaris

For whale sharks, thresher shark, mantas and more!

Including Donsol, Ticao and Malapascua

Thresher Shark Divers is proud to announce a new type of trip in the Philippines! A safari between Donsol, home to the magnificent whale sharks and Malapascua Island, home to the very rare thresher shark!

The Philippines has 7,107 island and only 2,000 of these are inhabited and discovered. Roughly 70% of the Philippine Islands are still secret to the world.

Donsol is renowned as the whale shark capital of the world where the highest congregation of whale sharks can be found during the season of November to June; Ticao Island is where the Manta Bowl lies and this is the Philippine’s capital for Manta Rays. Manta Rays may be the staple, but since the Ticao Pass is characterized by cool waters, strong currents, and cleaning stations, other sharks and pelagic creatures like the whale sharks, threshers sharks, and hammerhead sharks drop by also.

Malapascua is the only place in the world where Thresher Sharks can be spotted all year round. It also has some of the best macro in the Philippines, and dives at the famous Dona Marilyn Wreck and Gato Island are also included.

In between Ticao Island and Malapascua is a channel with several small islands along the way. These islands are pristine, untouched, and generally uninhabited. Be among the first people to dive and explore these unknown islands of the Philippines. Our safari tour will take you from Ticao Island to Malapascua (or vice versa) but and you will dive places that have been kept secret for generations.

Package Information

All packages include

  • 6 nights and 15 dives
  • Transfers to/from Legazpi or hotel with group (see below for details)
  • Transfers to/from Cebu, minimum 2 people (see below for details)
  • Full board meals in Ticao
  • Breakfast in Malapascua
  • Dives include tanks, weight, boat, DM
Ticao Island Resort, Cabana
3 nights
Whale Shark Interaction (snorkel)
1 trip
Diving in Ticao
6 dives
Safari boat dives en route to Malapascua (or vice versa)
3 dives
Tepanee Resort, Malapascua
(or similar)
3 nights
Diving in Malapascua*
6 dives
2018 Dates2019 DatesPricing

Dates 2018

Trip Type
Legazpi to Cebu
Mar 23-29
Cebu to Legazpi
Mar 25-31
Legazpi to Cebu
Apr 17-23
Cebu to Legazpi
Apr 19-25
Legazpi to Cebu
May 15-21
Cebu to Legazpi
May 17-23

March 23 and April 19 trips:

Budget room only for Ticao

Available Trips and Reservations

Mar 23 – 29

Mar 25 – 31

April 17 – 23

April 19 – 25

May 15 – 21

May 17 – 23

Dates 2019

Coming soon!


Price PHP
Base trip (twin/triple shared, min 2 pax)
Single room supplement
Resort dependent
Single person transfer to/from Cebu
+ 2,250
Extra night Ticao + 3 dives*
+ 7,300
Extra night Malapascua + 3 dives
+ 6,400
Night boat crossing for late arrivals into Cebu
+ 1,500
Non Diver
Equipment rental 5 days
+ 3,500
Nitrox all 15 dives
+ 4,500
Separate van transfer from Legazpi to Donsol
+ 2,000 per van
Separate boat transfer from Donsol to Ticao
+ 5,000 per boat
Tepanee Resort Upgrade 3N Malapascua Standard/Superior/Deluxe (per room)
Budget room option, fan only

* Special transfer arrangements are not included.

Additional Information

Transfers Legazpi to Malapascua Trip

Arrival: Assembly time is at 7am at Legazpi Airport. Just provide us with your flight details so that the airport representative can meet you at the airport and take you to the assembly area. We can also do pickups from Legazpi hotels if you arrive the day before and we can book these for you also. This is a group transfer for everyone on the safari. Separate transfers can be arranged for an additional cost.

Departure: We can get you to Cebu by 11am, so please do not schedule flights before 12 or 1pm. Package price assumes minimum 2 people traveling together, otherwise single person transfer fee applies.

Transfers Malapascua to Legazpi Trip

Arrival: We can pickup from flights arriving before 3:30pm. Flights between 2pm and 3:30pm will require a night boat crossing +P1500. We can arrange a hotel in Cebu the night before if needed. Package price assumes minimum 2 people traveling together, otherwise single person transfer fee applies.

Departure: your flight from Legazpi should be scheduled from 2pm onwards. Departure time from Donsol will be at 12pm after the whale shark interaction. Group Transfer.


You can add on extra days at either end, there are lots of great dive sites to cover in both destinations. Donsol packages can also include days in Legazpi to visit Mount Mayon and more.

We can also offer complete packages in other destinations such as Moalboal, Dumaguete/Dauin and Bohol.

We also offer safaris between Moalboal and Sipalay taking in
some of the best dive sites in the Philippines!